Sound Smackdown:

Anechoic Chamber
vs. Reverberation Room

Have you ever wondered what a balloon popping would sound like in a soundproof room? How about a drum solo in an echo chamber? Check out these videos to hear some intriguing acoustics in action.

First up: Balloon Blast​

The contrast between the sound of a balloon popping in a reverberant room vs. anechoic chamber is surprisingly distinct. Check out this clip of bursting balloons in opposing sound environments to hear the difference.


Second: Singin’ Saxophones   

This student brought her saxophone to the University of Salford’s acoustic laboratories and played a tune in both their anechoic chamber and reverberation room to demonstrate the difference. 


Finally: Drum Solo Dichotomy


These two videos show the difference between drums played in a soundproof room and reverberation (or echo) room. 


Video clips like these really demonstrate the sounds and feelings that come from spaces with varying degrees of sound absorptive material. In anechoic chambers, the lack of echo is pretty eerie; but reverberant chambers reflect noise far too much, and they can sound a bit chaotic.

When considering the noise level of any space, it’s important to pay attention to the amount of reflective and absorptive materials being used so that the room doesn’t fall into either of these extremes. When in doubt, consult an acoustician to see if your space strikes the right balance.