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Clean and Quiet:

Acoustic Solutions for Healthcare

In recent years, new breakthroughs in acoustic materials have opened up fresh possibilities for cleanable acoustic surfaces. You no longer need to choose between clean and quiet. The latest sound-absorbing and sound-blocking materials are felt-free and wipeable for easy cleaning.


Enhance the Ambiance:

5 Discreet Ways to Improve
Restaurant Acoustics

When your restaurant's reputation takes a hit because it's too loud to enjoy a meal, you'll wish you had known about these 5 versatile acoustic solutions.

Halepuna Waikiki Cafe

Don't Let Noise Eat Into Your Restaurant Business

Learn how poorly designed architectural acoustics can have an impact on your guest experiences. Guest post written by Steve Titus for Aercoustics, reposted with his permission.

Acoustic Consultant

5 Reasons Why

You Should Consult an Acoustician

To quiet the noise and simplify, include an acoustic consultant on your team. Here are five reasons you'll be glad you did.