Goose Creek Safety Rest Area | Harris, MN | VJAA

Welcoming Respite:

The Award-winning
Goose Creek SRA

Safety Rest Areas form an intersection of culture and nature alongside the nation's highways. Here's how the winning design of Goose Creek SRA is refreshing travelers using SoundPly.

Halekulani Bakery and Restaurant with SoundPly's Decorative Acoustic Ceiling

Halepuna Waikiki:

How a City Hotel Became
Hawaii's Best

Known as the "House of Welcoming Waters," Halepuna Waikiki is an oasis within the city of Honolulu. How did a decorative acoustic ceiling help turn this urban hotel into a quiet, luxury retreat?


In Between Point A and B:

MSP Reimagines the Journey

The Minneapolis-St. Paul airport needed a solution to control the noise produced by thousands of daily visitors in its most circulated route. Here's how they did it using SoundPly.


Next Level Design:

Shaping the Sound of the
World's Largest Starbucks

How did designer Jill Enomoto coax customers past the first floor coffee bar? With creative, uplifting design at its best.


Better Emergency Care:

How Acoustic Art is
Helping Seniors

SoundPly Acoustic Art Panels create a supportive environment for seniors in the emergency department of UC San Diego Health, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.


Silencing the Critics:

How the New MoMA Wins

The MoMA is home to many of the world's great masterpieces, but it was their poor acoustics making headlines. Here’s how they silenced the noise and the critics.


Whisper Quiet:

How One NICU is
Helping Preemies Thrive

Here's how one SoundPly product is helping the smallest babies have the greatest chance at a healthy future.