Creating with Veneer:

Matching Between Panels

In the third installment of our Veneer Video Series, Macayla guides us through the different types of panel matching.

We want to provide useful information that helps you navigate the ins and outs of the architectural wood industry. To do this we have put together a series of videos and blogs explaining how to work with and select wood veneer for your projects. In our first episode our experts discussed Veneer Matching & Slicing and our second episode taught us about Matching Between Leaves. This third episode dives into the three primary ways veneer panels can be matched. 

  • Unsequenced Veneer Panel Matching  
  • Sequenced Veneer Panel Matching 
  • Blueprint Veneer Panel Matching 

What is Veneer Panel Matching anyway?

In the architectural wood industry panel matching is the way panels are matched with each other to create the desired visual aesthetic in a design. Just like matching between veneer leaves, matching between veneered panels is an important aspect of using real wood in architectural design. 

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn more about wood veneer panel matching. 

Unsequenced Panels

Unsequenced panels use the same wood species but intentionally don’t match their neighbors. This is often used when the selected veneer has a lot of variances or comes from a small log where there aren’t many linear feet of identical material. Unsequenced panels can see a range of natural color variation, and because it doesn’t require a high level of hand-selected matching, it’s a great option for keeping costs down. 

Sequenced Panels

Sequenced panels occur when a certain number of panels can be made from the same log and are specific to their installation location. They’ll look virtually identical side by side. Because there still can only be so many panels produced from a single log, there may be several sequences used over the course of a larger project. 

Blueprint Panels


Blueprint panel match is the premium match option! A true blueprint match custom coordinates every single panel on a project to match the grain of its neighbors, and acts like a puzzle – these pieces have to go exactly where they’re intended, or they won’t fit the puzzle. A true blueprint match is the highest level of matching out there, and naturally carries a premium. An important element to note is that blueprinting is actually what a vast majority of people expect when specifying wood products.  

As you can see, matching between panels has a significant effect on the end result. For an additional wood veneer matching resource visit our Matching Between Panels simulator to see how much of a difference panel matching can truly make on a project!

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